Learn American English Online, With Ease

Living in this world with an improper command over English language is unthinkable these days. Tell me if I am wrong and more so if you are living in America. It can be unduly hard and unpleasant if you do not know how to speak the language. The biggest reason of many people not knowing how to speak English has got nothing to do with ignorance or complexity of the language, it is mainly because of the misconception that it costs a lot of money and the lack of resources to pay them. From this write up I hope I will be able to clear these misconception, and will be able to get the readers to options as to how to learn American English online for free using resources easily available to one.

What are you going to learn?

Yes there are many options and you can grab this opportunity to overcome your incompetence and enhance your confidence.

English consist of basically

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Slang/Idioms

And a little understanding of these help you build up on the command over the language.

How will you do it?

The simple answer to this is over the internet yes, on the Internet, there are hundreds and thousands of free resources that can help you learn american english online, improve your American English reading and writing skills and make your American English better. But here is a question how do you choose the best site. You will have to work on your week points and then read what the site has to offer to choose what is best for you.

What all these sites offer?

Well to start with you have vocabulary websites whose prime aim is to enhance your vocabulary; they only focus on expanding your American English vocabulary and word recognition. They provide videos, quizzes, and instructions from American English speakers so that you learn from it.

Then there are flashcard sites which helps you create free flashcards so that you  study and learn from them free of cost. There are some better helping flashcard sites for learning American English that helps you track your progress, provide advice, and offer customized learning packages.

There are applications that  you can download on your system , these apps then send you a pop-up questions or lessons, and make you constantly learn and stud while you surf the web or work on anything else.

The online dictionaries often offer comprehensive American English online learning packages and lessons, which provide a great source to learn from. There are many Internet search engines such as Google, Bing which offer a free translating service , this service help you to quickly look up for troublesome American words and phrases.

There are  more advanced learning plan, that you can learn when you start using these sites If you are completely unfamiliar with American English, use one of the many websites on the net and check for their comprehensive course to help you learn American English.